Don’t Be Delusional – BOOK

How do you maximise your chances of finding the right person to love, without wasting time or money? And can you maintain your sanity and self-esteem along the way?

These are the themes behind the great new book, “Don’t Be Delusional: The Love Hunter’s Guide to Midlife Love & Online Dating.” This practical guidebook is designed to help you find your way when you’re seeking a new partner after the age of fifty, sixty or beyond.

Whether you search for a new partner using online dating sites, or still insist on doing it in only person, this insightful book covers what you NEED to know before you find yourself in love again (or re-partnered again) in your middle years.

It gives you GREAT TIPS for creating an effective, amazing online profile and can help you avoid the COMMON TRAPS of online dating and midlife dreams.

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Excerpts from the “Don’t Be Delusional” BOOK is full of TIPS & TRAPS to avoid when you’re searching for a midlife partner, lover (or both) using online dating apps.  What to consider BEFORE you post a profile AND how to optimise your changes of finding the RIGHT kind of partner for you in midlife or beyond.

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Next Steps to getting your ONLINE Dating Partner Searching Strategies right…

We look forward to helping you search for love ONLINE using a more effective, less wasteful approach.

You’ll still want to invest in the best dating sites and dating apps online – as the saying goes, nothing good comes for FREE and you are likely to get what you pay for (or don’t pay for).  Finding the RIGHT partner – or the BEST potential partners to search from – is worth whatever price you have to pay. But if you’re doing it the wrong way, you’ll just be wasting money and time – and you might find yourself rapidly dismayed or disgruntled and simply wanting to give up and forget about it.

But if you’re suddenly single in your fifties, sixties or beyond – and you’re struggling with online dating sites – the good news is that you DON’T have to be lonely the rest of your life.

You may just need to adjust your search strategy and improve your profile to attract the kind of person you’re wanting AND who’s compatible with you.

You may, however, need to safeguard yourself about being Delusional about WHO and WHAT is right for you – and WHICH characteristics a partner that suits you well might actually have.

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