Our Vision for Mid-Life Love Hunters

Saving Time, Agony and Self-Esteem by conducting honest self-evaluations and effective online dating search strategies

Our vision is to save people time, reduce the pains of too-frequent rejection during online dating searches – and hopefully, help you learn how to search for the right person for your midlife relationship.


Our Story

The author of Don’t Be Delusional: The Love Hunter’s Guide to Midlife Love, Connie May MHST, is a health researcher in her early fifties.

She has interviewed over 170 people who found themselves single or partner-less in their 50s, 60s or beyond. Many were struggling finding the right types of partner(s) using online dating forums.

She wrote this book over a period of four years and has been finessing the final chapters over the past 3 years.

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“Don’t Be Delusional: The Love Hunter’s Guide to Midlife Dating & Finding Love Online”

What you’ll find out from the online dating book:

  • Discover how to search effectively.
  • Find out what your “type” really is – and whether or not that’s a sustainable partner or better off for a short-time fling.
  • Learn how to gauge a person’s real interest before you waste a lot of time.
  • Best openers on online dating forums.
  • Tips and traps – reading between the lines of online dating profiles.
  • Why photos matter SO much – and why it’s so important NOT to lie about your age.

Connie May MHST



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