Don’t Be Delusional

How do you maximise your chances of finding the right person without wasting time or money? And can you maintain your sanity and self-esteem along the way?

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Midlife Dating Blog: Online Dating Tips

Excerpts from the “Don’t Be Delusional” BOOK is full of TIPS & TRAPS to avoid when you’re searching for a midlife partner, lover (or both) using online dating apps.  What to consider BEFORE you post a profile AND how to optimise your changes of finding the RIGHT kind of partner for you in midlife or beyond.

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Get your Online Dating PROFILE evaluated by the AUTHOR

Are you seriously wanting to search for the right partner, using an online dating site? If you’re struggling with your online profile attracting the RIGHT kind of person – or you’re getting too many online dating rejections from people you’d really like to meet – send us an enquiry and have your profile assessed online.  The process takes 90 minutes of your time, 30 of which are an online ZOOM or SKYPE call, and requires completion of a brief questionnaire.

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Don’t Be Delusional: The Book of Tips & Traps for Online Dating & Midlife Partnering using Dating Apps

The book by author Connie May, MHST, called “Don’t Be Delusional: The Love Hunter’s Guide to Midlife Dating” is full of tips and traps to avoid when in search of your new midlife partner after a divorce, bereavement or years of living alone and deciding you’re wanting a partner.


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